Wednesday, May 24, 2017

MDW Outfit Inspiration

Shop: 1. Free People off-shoulder top // 2. J. Crew gingham dress // 3. J. Crew silk tank // 
4. Mar Y Sol straw clutch // 5. Steve Madden sneakers // 6. J. Crew red top // 7. H&M white pants

Happy almost Memorial Day weekend!! To me, the holiday signifies the beginning of my favorite summer traditions —  barbecuing and swimming with the family, playing tennis every day, and eating all of the snow cones and ice cream in sight! And of course, I want to do all of these things in style! This weekend, I want to channel all-American vibes with patriotic colors, classic silhouettes like an A-line dress and high-waisted white pants, and nostalgic patterns like gingham and seersucker. A straw clutch and white sneakers with an espadrille-twist keep the classic looks on trend. 

Here are a few more of my #MDW picks:xo, Annabeth


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