Thursday, May 18, 2017

Graduation Style

Shop this look: Club Monaco dress // Kendra Scott tassel necklace // 
Charlotte Russe heels // David Yurman bracelet // Tiffany pearl earrings

Wow. I never thought the day would come where I would be writing this post, but I graduated from the University of Illinois on Sunday! It was a wonderful weekend spent with my family and friends, reminiscing, visiting my favorite campus buildings and restaurants, and obviously, celebrating (a.k.a. lots of champagne!) When picking out a graduation dress, I strictly looked at white options because the color pops so well against my school's royal blue gown and bright orange stole. I definitely recommend choosing a solid-colored dress that complements the school colors, but I did see lots of cute patterned dresses at graduation that incorporated orange and blue and looked great! This Club Monaco dress was love at first sight. It is so preppy and ladylike with the scalloped tiers, and it also has a cute cut-out in the back! It is such a versatile style that I will wear to work this summer as well. I also have to talk about this sparkly necklace from Kendra Scott! My mom gave it to me as an Easter gift and she thought it would be festive for graduation since the tassels were like the ones on my graduation cap. She was right but I know I will be wearing it with lots of my summer outfits! Lastly, for any of my followers who are graduating this month too, congrats and good luck! Real world, here we come!!

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xo, Annabeth

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